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Michelada Think Tank has been part of exhibitions and residencies at San Diego Art Institute, New Art Center, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, and others.

Cultural Equity Speed Dating

Michelada Think Tank facilitates icebreaker activities to find your perfect collaborator, understand their position on racism, and more!

Think Tanks

Michelada Think Tank facilitates group discussions lubricated by micheladas, or “Think Tanks”, to promote reflection, discourse, and action.

Institutional Tallies

Michelada Think Tank conducts tallies of arts institutions to promote accountability and diversity in representation.

About Michelada Think Tank

and what the hell is a Michelada?
Agitators for Cultural Equity

Michelada Think Tank is a group of agitators for cultural equity. They are socially conscious artists, educators, and activists of color engaging with other people of color and allies who are interested in creative ways of making change happen. MTT facilitates conversations and builds community around issues faced by people of color while promoting action beyond the discussion.

  • Community Building
  • Institutional Accountability
  • Facilitating Discourse
  • Serving Micheladas


Our team of artists, writers, organizers, and Michelada makers.
Shefali Mistry
Sacramento, CA
Shefali Mistry is a higher-education veteran, brilliant wordsmith, and miniature painter.
Mario Mesquita
Portland, OR
Mario Mesquita is an artist, educator, and graphic designer extraordinaire. He makes delicious pickles and stovetop popcorn.
Noé Gaytán
Brooklyn, NY
Noé Gaytán is an educator at the Brooklyn Museum by day and agitator by night. He secretly does not like micheladas.
Carol Zou
Los Angeles, CA
Carol Zou is a double Aries with a Scorpio moon, and her most overused words are “pedagogy” and “theory of change”.
Darryl Ratcliff
Dallas, TX
Darryl Ratcliff is an artist, writer, and founder of Dollar Mimosa Club. His practice is parties as a form of emotional labor.


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